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[ Re • Constructive • Criticism ]

Since 2011


Indie Designer, Jay Scott started ReConCri in the February of 2011, shortly after she begun volunteering as a Fashion Show Curator for the Leimert Park Art Walk. Inspired by the independent designers that were chosen to showcase their lines in the production, she felt that it was time to take her passion for fashion seriously. 


The name ReConCri stands for Re-Constructive Criticism, due to the fact that the venture first started out as the revamping and reconstruction of already made garments, as well as accessories fashioned after buttons. At that time all the items were hand sewn and sold at small indie artist events.


 By May of 2011, the idea behind ReConCri went from just reconstructing apparel and quickly transformed into reconstructing the idea of "fashion' into her own, as Jay began to design her own creations. The apparel was no longer primarily revamped clothing, it now consisted of original designs. Currently all designs are original. All graphics, artwork, design and construction for ReConCri are done by Jay Scott.


Between 2011 to 2012, ReConCri was showcased in several 'Fashion in the Park' (Leimert Park Art Walk) shows, the Fashion&Gossip Show and two AntiPop showcases (being the first fashion show at the event).


In late 2011, ReConCri was caught the eye of California art gallery owner, David Judah. Items were sold at 'Machine Pomona' (Art Gallery/Boutique/Venue) as a result. Items continued to be sold until September 2012 when Jay Scott decided to move out of California and go on hiatus. 


Before that hiatus, ReConCri was in talks with being sold in other boutiques, including Brooklyn Stone Boutique.


ReConCri was re-established in 2014, when Jay Scott was ready to reveal a rebranded product that she felt truly represented her as an artist and as a designer. That product has been well received and can currently be found at

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